Glenn Zetter (Founder)

GZ Sports Report is founded by Glenn Zetter. Glenn lived his entire life in the Greater Pittsburgh area after being born , and was an avid Pittsburgh sports fan who followed all Pittsburgh sports for over 70 years. He was around for all 6 of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Super Bowl victories, 3 of the 5  World Series victories for the Pittsburgh Pirates, all 3 Pittsburgh Penguins’ Stanley Cup Championships, and 3 of  9 National Championships for the University of Pittsburgh Panthers football team. Among the many memories Glenn had from the many years he followed sports, his favorite memory was when he was one of the 50,327 in attendance to see the Immaculate Reception by Franco Harris in the 1972 AFC Divisional Playoff Game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Oakland Raiders at Three Rivers Stadium. He was right on the 50 yard line, just a few rows back from the field, to see the miracle take place. Glenn took pride in Pittsburgh sports, and no matter how poor or how great the performances were by some of his hometown teams, he always supported Pittsburgh. He always wanted to write about sports and just months before his passing, he came up with a great idea to start a sports blog. He recommended the idea to us, and that is when we decided to start a sports reporting website in his honor.

Zach Metkler (Co-Founder/Lead Steelers & NFL Writer/Social Media Director)

Zach is the co-founder and co-owner of GZ Sports Report, where he is the lead Steelers and NFL writer. He is a recent graduate of Allegheny College in Meadville, PA, where he double majored in Neuroscience and Psychology with a minor in Global Health Studies in a pre-medical track, while also being an offensive lineman for the Gators’ football team. He currently attends Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH to earn his Master of Science in Medical Physiology before going on to medical school.

In addition to GZ Sports Report, Zach is also a Steelers contributor to Steel City Underground, The Point of Pittsburgh, and

Zach also serves as the Social Media Director of GZ Sports Report, where he is in charge of all of the website’s social media pages, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Zach can be contacted via Twitter @GZSports_ZM. NOTE: All personal GZSR social media accounts are ran by their respective reporters.

Brandon Stiehler (Co-Founder/Reporter/Finance Director)

Brandon is currently a Senior at Duquesne University studying Finance. The University of Pittsburgh football and basketball teams have been two of Brandon’s favorite teams for his entire life. Although he currently attends Duquesne, Pitt athletics will always be his number one, so this is where he focuses his writing’s. Along with Pitt football and baseball, Brandon also writes about the Cleveland Cavaliers where he gives the most detailed coverage of the Caveliers, along with in depth news, and analysis on the rest of the National Basketball Association.

In addition to Brandon’s reporting, he is also the Finance Director, where he is in charge of all of the finances of GZSR.

Hunter Stiehler (Co-Founder/Reporter/Marketing Director)

Hunter is currently a Junior at Duquesne University studying Information Systems Management and Business Law while in a pre-law track. The Pittsburgh Pirates have always been Hunter’s favorite sports team, and this is where he focuses his writing’s. He gives the most detailed coverage of the Pittsburgh Pirates, along with in depth news, and analysis on the rest of Major League Baseball

In addition to Hunter’s reporting, he is also the marketing director for GZ Sports Report where he is in charge of managing the website, setting up adds, and much more.

Justin Broyles (Pirates/MLB Contributor)

Justin is a contributor for GZ Sports Report, where he focuses his writing on the Pittsburgh Pirates and the MLB. He is also a recent graduate of Allegheny College with a Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science. Justin has lived in Pittsburgh his entire life and is passionate about all things Pittsburgh, especially sports. To connect with Justin, follow him on Twitter @GZSports_JB.