Founded in October of 2015, GZ Sports Report is a sports website created and run by a group of college students around the Pittsburgh area who thrive off of debating and reporting sports. GZSR all started from a conversation that took place between a few of the co-founders and their grandfather. Their grandfather recommended that his grandsons start a sports reporting website. After considering the recommendation to start a sports reporting website, GZ Sports Report was founded. Although the website is now called GZ Sports Report, it was initially founded under the name The Burgh Blog. Once May of 2016 rolled around, and the growth of the website was exponential, the team decided to change the name to GZ Sports Report. The changing of the name was due to a larger viewer base across several parts of the country, and the team decided on the name GZ Sports Report.

What does GZ stand for you might ask? GZ are the initials for Glenn Zetter, the man responsible for this sports coverage website existing here today. He is the grandfather of two of the co-founders of GZSR, and he is the one who came up with the idea to start a sports coverage website. Glenn Zetter is the original founder of GZ Sports Report.

GZSR gives the quickest and most detailed updates, news, and analysis of the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, and NCAA, with focuses on coverage of the Penguins, Pirates, Riverhounds, and Steelers.

The GZ Sports Report team consists of co-founders Zach Metkler, Brandon Stiehler, and Hunter Stiehler. All three individuals have followed professional, college, and high school sports teams or as long as they can remember. These three writers were once athletes themselves, but have since retired from their respective sports. Although their playing days are over, their passion for sports will always be great. Thus, they look to bring you the best coverage for those of you who enjoy following sports as much as they do. The GZSR team also consists of contributing authors Josh Cohen, Justin Broyles, and Tyler Noebe.

If you want the latest updates on team news, coverage, and professional analysis, visit GZSR on this website, or you can visit GZSR on twitter, facebook, and Instagram. If you would like to contact GZ Sports Report, please contact GZSR in a comment section on the website, or you can direct message GZSR on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or via email.


GZ Sports Report is in no way affiliated with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Pittsburgh Penguins, Pittsburgh Riverhounds, Cleveland Cavaliers, the University of Pittsburgh, the National Football League, Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, The National Basketball Association and any of their respective teams, the Professional Golf Association and any of their respective players/participants, or the National Collegiate Athletic Association and any of its teams.

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  1. Steel City Boy Myself. Grew Up In North Hills (Shaler) & Love All Of Our Teams. I Too Have Been Around For All Six Super Bowls, Three World Series Wins, Three Lord Stanley Victories And One Pitt National Championship. Although I Live In Tampa Now, I Try To Attend At Least One Steeler Game A Year, And Visit McKechnie Field Every Spring For Pirate Spring Training Games. I Have A “Pittsburgh Office” That I Work From Out Of My Home That Has Won Contests At Local Steeler Clubs Here. I Get The NFL Ticket and Other Regional Sports Packages So I Can Watch and Stay In The Know About Our Teams.

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