Cleveland Browns 2017 NFL Draft 1st-Round Scenarios

The Browns are in a prime position to snag to top-tier talents in the 1st round of the 2017 NFL Draft. Tyler breaks down 3 potential scenarios that could take place on draft night.

By: Tyler Noebe, GZ Sports Report Contributor

The Cleveland Browns have been in need of a QB for as long as most millennials can remember. With 24 starters since 1999, Cleveland is long overdue for a franchise quarterback. The good news for the Browns is they have 2 first round draft picks at the #1 and #12 spots, as well as 9 more picks throughout the rest of the 2017 draft, giving them 11 total picks in the draft to go along with an additional 11 that they have in 2018. This should provide the Browns with a large arsenal to wheel and deal throughout the upcoming draft. Here are a few scenarios the Browns may find themselves in the first round:

  • Browns Draft Myles Garrett and a Quarterback with the 1st and 12th picks
    • Myles Garrett’s measurable’s have been off the charts this off-season. The Browns front office would have to be very confident in themselves to pass up on this once in a lifetime type of athlete.
    • With quarterback needy teams like the Jets, 49ers, and Bears drafting before #12, it is likely Trubisky could be off the board by the Browns next pick. If this is the case, the Browns could end up with Deshaun Watson, a proven winner and a mobile QB who would gel nicely in Hue Jackson’s offense.
  • Browns Draft Myles Garrett with 1 and trade to move up to draft Mitchell Trubisky
    • Trubisky has moved himself to the top of this years QB class, with a general consensus he will be the first QB selected. Trubisky is a local Cleveland product, a legend at Mentor High school, and former Mr. Ohio award winner. He has a smooth release and a body built to withstand the harsh hits of the NFL. With a plethora of draft picks in 2017 and 2018, I look to see the Browns make a move with them, which could lead to them moving up to draft Trubisky.
  • Browns make an offer for Jimmy Garoppolo
    • Jimmy Garoppolo has proven he can win at the NFL level and has benefited from sitting behind arguably the greatest QB of all time Tom Brady. The Browns reportedly have already offered the Patriots their 12th pick for Garoppolo, but the Patriots are asking for more. The Browns may decide to make a move Thursday involving one of their two first round picks, some of their 2018 or remaining 2017 picks, and/or Brock Osweiler.

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