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What Does the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Bumpy Regular Season Mean for the Playoffs?

A look back at some positives from a roller coaster 2016-2017 Cleveland Cavaliers regular season and what it means for the playoffs.

By: Tyler Noebe, GZ Sports Report Contributor

It is no secret that the Cleveland Cavaliers have not lived up to expectations this regular season. After having a sub-.500 record after the All-Star break, LeBron and the Cavs are heading into the NBA playoffs 51-31 as the 2 seed in the East. In a regular season filled with bumps along the way, including the absences of J.R. Smith and Kevin Love, as well as a very brief guest appearance from Andrew Bogut, here are some positives as the playoffs get underway:

  • By entering the playoffs as the 2 seed, the Cavs matchup against the Pacers in the first round of the playoffs. The Eastern Conference seeding allows for the Cavs to avoid the Bulls and Wizards, who have given the Cavs problems all year, until potentially the Eastern Conference Finals.
  • The Cavs were able to sign Kyle Korver, who is one of the best 3 point shooters in the game. Korver is averaging just above 10 points a game this season.
  • The Cavs still have the greatest player in the world… Lebron James.
  • In one of the biggest games of the regular season, the Cavs handled the Boston Celtics 114-91, which could bode well for them in the playoffs.
  • The Cavs beat a full strength Warriors team on Christmas day 109-108 without JR Smith.

Even being the defending champs, the Cavaliers find themselves in the position of being the underdog once again. This is a role that they thrived in last year come playoff time. With a Lebron James who tends to will his teams to victory in the playoffs, I look to see the Cavs make a return to the Finals once again this season and for the 7th straight time for Lebron James.

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