Jung Ho Kang’s Future Still In Question

In just two weeks from today, the Pittsburgh Pirates will hold their first 2017 Spring Training workout session. The Bucs are coming off a disappointing season after posting a 78-83 record, and missing the playoffs for the first time in four seasons. A big part of the teams success lies heavily on the shoulders of third baseman Jung Ho Kang.

Kang has consistently shown his All-Star caliber talent at the hot corner on defense, and also at the plate. Unfortunately for Kang, he has run into many injuries that have held him back from being considered one of Major League Baseball’s top third baseman. Now, there are even more questions surrounding his future besides the on field injuries.

Just this past December, Kang was in a car accident in which he fled the scene. He later was arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI), and this was also his third DUI. Due to this third DUI, Kang had his license revoked.

In addition to the DUI charge Kang has faced, he is also under investigation for a sexual assault allegation that supposedly took place during the summer of 2016 in Chicago, Illinois. To date, no charges have been filed against Kang in connection with the sexual assault allegation.

Although there has not been any disciplinary action by the MLB to date, it is still unclear on whether the MLB will take any type of disciplinary action against the promising third baseman. If there is any type of suspension or fine, it is likely that the fine will be heavy, and the suspension will be light.

When looking at his future with the Pittsburgh Pirates, from the front office to the last player on the roster, the entire organization is sticking behind Kang, and they fully expect him to play a major part of the 2017 Pittsburgh Pirates team.

There is no certainty on whether he will report for Spring Training in the coming weeks, but as stated early, the entire organization expects him to be there.

Hunter Stiehler

GZ Sports Report Writer



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