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2016 NFL Playoff Schedule and Predictions

With the Regular Season behind us, the NFL playoff schedule has been officially released. Zach also gives us his predictions for each Wild Card game.

By: Zach Metkler, GZ Sports Report Writer

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With the NFL regular season now in the books, the playoff seedings have been firmly cemented in place.


  1. New England (14-2)
  2. Kansas City (12-4)
  3. Pittsburgh (11-5)
  4. Houston (9-7)
  5. Oakland (12-4)
  6. Miami (10-6)


  1. Dallas (13-3)
  2. Atlanta (11-5)
  3. Seattle (10-5-1)
  4. Green Bay (10-6)
  5. NY Giants (11-5)
  6. Detroit (9-7)

In traditional fashion, the Wild Card matchups will feature the #6 at #3 and #5 at #4. The schedule for the first two weeks of the playoffs is featured below:

Wild Card Round

Saturday, January 7
-4:35pm ET on ESPN/ABC: Oakland at Houston
-8:15pm ET on NBC: Detroit at Seattle

Sunday, January 8
-1:05pm ET on CBS: Miami at Pittsburgh
-4:40pm ET on FOX: NY Giants at Green Bay

Divisional Round

Saturday, January 14
-4:35pm ET on FOX: TBD at Atlanta
-8:15pm ET on CBS: TBD at New England

Sunday, January 15
-1:05pm ET on NBC: TBD at Kansas City
-4:40pm ET on FOX: TBD at Dallas


  • Houston over Oakland
  • Seattle over Detroit
  • Pittsburgh over Miami
  • Green Bay over NY Giants

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