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Reader Appreciation: THANK YOU



We at GZ Sports Report would like to take a moment to thank you, our readers, for all of your support as we approach our one year anniversary from when we started our sports coverage website. The end of the month will mark our one year anniversary, and we can not believe the support we have gained over this past year, and it is all thanks to you!

To all of our readers who take the time to consume our articles and interact with us on social media, you are the reason we do this. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to continue this fantastic opportunity that we have in front of us.

We firmly believe that we are a credible source for sports coverage and analysis, and we are going to continue to grow on top of what we have already accomplished.

We dedicated this website to our grandfather who passed away nearly a year ago, and unfortunately he only got to read a few of our articles. However, he is the reason we started this, because he always told us to get into sports writing. We decided to go for it last October and we have not regretted a second of it. This journey has been thrilling thus far.

One of our writers, Zach Metkler, has had several tweets, and an article featured on Bleacher Report. Of course, it was due to a fantastically written article, but it was also due to our readers sharing the article as much as they did. That means YOU. YOU helped Zach get featured on Bleacher Report. The sky is the limit for GZ Sports Report and we hope you continue this journey with us.

We will continue to improve our website to make it as usable as possible for you, and we will continue to work on our writing to improve the quality of sports coverage and analysis we can offer.

We sincerely thank you for your support.
-Austin, Brandon, Hunter, and Zach


  1. Love the site, fellas. Keep up the good work. It is refreshing to have writers that dont freak out if someone dissagrees but instead embraces it and uses it as a chance to grow themselves. Once again, love the site fellas and look forward to another year.

    Sneaky Ur Biggest Fan,

    Godd lol

    PS- i wont even mention SteelersDe–t and their childish ways. Hahaha

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