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Report Card: Pascal Dupuis

Pascal Dupuis was forced to retire due to a medical condition
Pascal Dupuis was forced to retire due to a medical condition

written by The Burgh Blog writer: Austin Tocco

I normally do not have a problem creating these reports on the players of this organization, but the report card for Pascal Dupuis was difficult to start. I honestly had no idea where to start with this guy because he has meant everything to this organization. Pascal not only played for the Pittsburgh Penguins, he was a mentor of the game and truly led by example for his younger teammates. I never would have thought that trading Colby Armstrong to then the Atlanta Thrashers for Marian Hossa and Pascal Dupuis that Dupuis would be the one leading us to yet another cup during his tenure as a Penguin. The way Dupuis carries himself and his work ethic is undeniable. About midway through the season, Dupuis was informed that he could no longer play the sport he loves due to severe health issues that jeopardized his life if he were to play. The Penguins faithful were losing one of the favorites of the team too soon. Pascal Dupuis only played 18 games in the 2016 season. Dupuis still tried to play but he knew what was important. Not being able to play the game he loved really did not sit right with Dupuis, he still came to the rink every single day, acted as a coach till the end of the cup run. Pascal associated with the team to the best of his ability and was there to raise the cup with his teammates, all suited up in his hockey gear. I truly hope that Pascal will remain as a team consultant and stay a part of this organization for years to come.

Dupuis celebrating a goal against the Montreal Canadiens
Dupuis celebrating a goal against the Montreal Canadiens


Pascal might not have been the best player that Sidney Crosby was paired with, but Pascal sure did have chemistry with him. Dupuis possessed an instinct that just cannot be taught. Not only could have dish a beautiful feed to Crosby or Kunitz for a goal, but he could score himself. His voice in the locker room could be heard throughout the entire arena. When the Penguins were down, Dupuis was there to pick them right back up, if the team felt pressure, he was there to mellow out the situation. Every championship team should have someone like Pascal Dupuis. He has been through it all before, and his season this year was the definition of adversity. Pascal stuck through it all year long and ultimately facilitated win the best prize in all of sports. Number 9 on the Pittsburgh Penguins truly demonstrated how beneficial it is to show character and resilience in sports. All year long, Mike Sullivan stressed how being resilient will help you win a championship. It is not about how you get knocked down, it is how you recover from it. The players and staff were able to see how Dupuis handled himself after finding out the bad news that he could not play anymore, this only sparked the entire organization. The franchise set out a new goal, “Win it for Duper.” The team embraced the challenge of winning this championship for this guy, and they could not have done it without Pascal Dupuis.

Dupuis and Mario Lemieux celebrating the team's 4th Stanley Cup
Dupuis and Mario Lemieux celebrating the team’s 4th Stanley Cup


Even though Pascal did play a huge role in the Penguins victory over the San Jose Sharks, he still ate up some salary space even though he was not playing. Dupuis tried to play through a life threatening injury this season which may have costed the team some wins. Every player needs to be 100% come game time that is in the starting roster that day, Pascal was not. Having not been 100% this year, his production really did suffer. I understand that he felt that he had to play and perform but in the end, he may have only been hurting the team in a way. Not having him in the lineup could have opened the door for someone else who was actually 100% and could have contributed to their maximum ability. But, like I said before, I do not blame Dupuis for doing that, I think we all would’ve done what he did.

2016 Statistics + Playoffs:

Goals: 2
Assists: 2
Points: 4
+/- : -1


Dupuis is retiring from the NHL.

Overall Rating: A-

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