Pirates Taking A Step Back

With the MLB free-agency in full swing, there have been huge signings for many teams throughout the league. The one team that is making absolutely no progress is the Pittsburgh Pirates. Unfortunately for the Pirates, they have lost contract wars for 2 pitchers. One of those pitchers is J.A. Happ who signed with the Blue Jays for $30 million over 3 years. The other was former All-Star closer Joakim Soria, who has just signed with the Kansas City Royals for $25 million over 3 years. Both pitchers were tendered offers by the Pirates, but subsequently signed with other MLB powerhouses. Obviously, both of these men have made very good personal decision, because the Pirates clearly were not going to dish out that kind of cash.

Currently, the Pirates starting rotation is Cole, Liriano, Morton, and Locke. Look for the Pirates to make a splash in the free-agent pool, because they have no other option. Potential free-agents could be Scott Kazmir, or Doug Fister. Either of these starters would add great depth to the rotation.

Pedro Alvarez is gone, and I will not speak of his name again. His replacement? It might come in the form of Mitch Moreland, the first baseman for the Texas Rangers. Moreland is due about $5.6 million next season, after hitting .278. This would be an ideal replacement for about half the cost of Alvarez. Although he may not hit .278 again, he will still put up decent numbers, and will be able to be a solid defensive first baseman. This acquisition would be in the form of a trade, and if the Rangers would take Melancon, I would be all for it.

The Pirates must make moves, and they need to do it quickly. If they don’t, they could be in deep trouble.

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