Pirates November Off Season Round-Up

For the Pittsburgh Pirates, November was not very eventful in terms of roster shake ups. There have not been any huge moves, and everything the Pirates are attempting to do really come at no surprise.

Pedro Alvarez is on the trading block. The Bucs philosophy on this move is to get something in return for Alvarez, rather than spend the money on him. If the Pirates do successfully  trade Alvarez that means they are going to need to get something in return to fill his cleats. If the Pirates trade him and end up with nothing to help platoon at first base, they will be in much more trouble at this position than they already are. Yes, Josh Bell looks like he is ready to hit at the Major League level, but his fielding skills at first base are not quite there. Look to see him in June. That unfortunately leaves us with a few bench guys like Mike Moorse, and Travis Ishikawa. The Pirates would then have to make a move in free agency, or trade for another first baseman through another trade. How would we get this first baseman? Neil Walker.

Neil Walker has been on the trading block for quite some time. We all heard about the rumors circulating about Walker going to the Orioles, but nothing ever amounted with that. Most likely, the Orioles probably didn’t want to have to pay the price to receive a career .280 second baseman. Now there are rumors of the Mets coming into the picture. Odds of the Mets actually giving up something worth trading away Neil Walker? Highly unlikely.

The most likely scenario that could happen circles around Trevor Cahill. The 27 year old Cahill is supposedly likely to sign a 1 year deal with the Bucs. Cahill would like to have a bounce back year after 2 miserable seasons, but he does have potential considering he was a 22 year old All-Star who won 16 games. The Pirates have a ton of success bringing in starters who have had rough seasons, but have a ton of potential. Examples of this are obviously Liriano, Burnett, and Happ. If the Pirates bring in Trevor Cahill, they might just sure up their starting rotation, and it might lead to a future relationship with Cahill on bump in a Pirates uniform in late October.

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