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Title: Recent Advances in Fixed-Time Cooperative Control of Multi-Agent Systems


Abstract: Fixed-time cooperative control of multi-agent systems has received considerable research interest since it can provide an estimated bound of settling time, which does not depend on initial conditions. Compared with asymptotic cooperative control algorithms, fixed-time cooperative control algorithms can provide better closed-loop performance and disturbance rejection properties.  Different from finite-time control, fixed-time cooperative control can produce a faster convergence rate and provide an explicit estimate of settling time independent of initial conditions, which is desirable for multi-agent systems.  In this talk, some fundamental concepts of fixed-time stability are introduced.  Then, fixed-time cooperative control of multi-agent systems with various dynamics are elaborated in detail. An application of fixed-time consensus for distributed optimization is presented.  Finally, a time base generator approach is introduced for practical fixed-time cooperative control.


报告人:Qing-Long Han.  Distinguished Professor Qing-Long Han, FIEEE, FIEAust Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research Quality) Swinburne University of Technology Melbourne, Vic 3122, Australia


时间: 9月14日星期一下午2:00-3:15

地点: 腾讯会议,ID: 325 652 822



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